Contract Services

Contract Services

We are now providing maintenance work for sports turf facilities, golf and other fine turf areas. Equipped with a Multi Pro Sprayer, Pro Core 660 and 1248 aeration machines, and heavy duty topdresser. We can complete a field in a matter of hours with amazing results.


TenBarge is now offering specialty sprays for sports fields and golf course fairways. We can come visit the site, identify pest problems such as weeds or insects. With our expertise in pest management, we can then formulate an effective spray for your turf and make the application.

We are now accepting contracts for yearly maintenance programs that include fertilizers, weed control, soil treatments, insects, and disease. All sprays, all friendly to the environment and the kids!


Our aerators can pull over 1 million soil cores per acre to give you improved air and water movement in the soil. We can offer you 4 inches deep aeration with more holes to provide improved drainage and compaction relief. Relieving compaction on your heavy clay soils is the most important cultural practice you can do to your field.


Our heavy duty topdresser allows us to fill the soil holes and smooth the playing surface in just a few passes. With so many rough, uneven fields that kids and adults play on, this process is very important to improved playability and safety.

Other Services

We are now offering new field construction, laser grading, and irrigation installation.