Employee Spotlight: Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Mike Brown is the store manager at Tenbarge's newest location in New Albany, IN.

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, hobbies, role at Tenbarge, etc) 

I am married to Amy Barker for 21 & 1/2 years. I have 2 kids Mckenna (14) and Jake (12), both active in sports. I love to play golf and all outside activities. I also like to watch my kids have fun and excel in the sports they play. I am the Store manager of Tenbarge New Albany.

How have you liked working for Tenbarge at the newest location?

I have enjoyed the time so far with Tenbarge and look for a bright future with the company. I like the small size, by which i mean you can easily talk to the president on down. In my other ventures that was not the case.

Was there any challenges faced during the opening process of this location?

The biggest challenge I faced was getting back in front of the old customers I had from John Deere. People never have heard of Tenbarge and were a little suspect to go with some company they never have heard of. Time has worked them back with some still needing to work more.

What is your past experience in the golf / grass & seed industry?

Lawn care side is my history from day one. I used to own a lawn care company back in the beginning. The idea of starting a family is what brought me to the sales side of the industry. My wife and I both liked the idea of study paycheck coming in unlike the lawncare side at that time. I have been in sales for roughly 17 years and I am always learning and helping customers.

What or who made you want to get into this industry?

 I knew a great guy name Tim Sunkel at Bunton Seed were I used to buy my supplies that go me into sales. Tim was a great teacher and mentor. Tim taught me the ropes on chemicals and the correct way to handle customers. I have taken those lessons and still use them today.

What would you consider your biggest achievement? (It can be professional or personal) 

My biggest achievement is getting married and starting a family. We did not think we could have kids and came to terms with that idea. We adopted my daughter from Catholic Charities in Louisville and then a year later my wife has a son. So going from not being able to have kids and then have 2 great kids that I love more than anything is awesome. Professionally would be just hearing from customers that they respect the way I treat them, in that I do what I tell I am going to do. I have found be up front and honest and you will have a customer for life.

What has been your best memory working at Tenbarge so far?

Not wimping out but I think the whole time has been good. Yes you may have the some bad days but over all the good totally outweigh the bad.

How would you describe Tenbarge Seeds in a few words? 

Honest, Dependable and always here for the customer. Customer comes first.

What is your go-to happy hour drink of choice?

I do not drink, so the joke is that I was hired to be the designated driver for everybody. I have never grown a taste for the beverages.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto you live by?

Not really, i just live life and enjoy what comes my way. I feel that I am pretty even temper for the most part. So I guess I really dont have motto.