Employee Spotlight - Bart Strauss

 Bart Strauss - New Albany Store Manager, Lawn & Landscape Salesman


"I was in a previous industry for many years prior to working at Tenbarge, but many of the lessons, people that I interacted with, etc. made it a very easy transition for me. At the end of the day, regardless of what trade you're in, it's all about the customer. The customer wants to know they are getting exceptional product at a great value."


In Bart's free time he enjoys playing golf, fishing, and most importantly, spending time with his family.


"As outlined above, this is a customer service business. My previous experience dealing with customers on a daily basis helped me with getting to know theirs needs and how they liked to be treated. I want to make sure that I am delivering great product and services to the customers."


Bart says the previous manager of the New Albany store got him started in the business. He explains everyone within the Tenbarge family has helped him with any questions he may have and has facilitated his trajectory in the industry.


We asked Bart what his favorite part of the job working at Tenbarge was. His response, "My favorite part of the job is in the Spring and Fall when we are very busy."


He states, "I hope to bring a high level of customer service snd efficiency to the industry."


Lastly, we finished up by asking Bart was his happy hour drink of choice was:


"Living on the sunny-side of Louisville, Kentucky, I am lucky enough to be able to drink some very quality bourbon. My happy hour drink would be Old Forester with one small cube of ice."